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Coaching & Mentoring

1on1 guidance and upskilling for Software Engineers and Engineering Managers to support them in tackling challenges and on their journey for personal growth.

Engineering Leadership

Mission, Vision, and Strategy for your team to provide direction and purpose. I am supporting you in fostering high-performing and highly engaging Software Engineering teams.

Open Source

Plans to release an Open Source Project? Challenges in adopting Open Source in your Organisation or Open Source best practices in your teams? Want to give something back to Open Source-Community?

Cloud Infrastructure

Do you need help setting up and operating your cloud infrastructure efficiently? Is your aim a self-serving platform (Platform Engineering) and high-performing Teams based on the DevOps methodology?

Reliability & Scaling

How resilient is your application to (partial) failures? For example, how quickly and efficiently are you recovering "back to baseline" and resuming your business if you have an outage?

Tech Culture

A proper organizational technology culture is crucial for employee retention and growth. For example, do you have a collaborative, supportive, open- and learning-focused culture?

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