Andy Grunwald
Software Engineer and Engineering Manager.

I manage Site Reliability Engineers at Aiven and talk about Software Engineering in the Engineering Kiosk Podcast.

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Writing is an invaluable skill that needs to be trained like every other muscle. Writing forces you to think more about a topic, how to express this clearly and enable others to consume your thoughts asynchronously and at their speed. Check out my training progress and thoughts below.

Lessons learned Meetups

Lessons learned from running a local tech meetup for 11 years

For the last 11 years (2012 - 2023), I was the main organizer of the local tech meetup Web Engineering DUS in DΓΌsseldorf, Germany. At the end of 2023, my peer Dominik Siebel and I handed over the Meetup ownership to Dario Tilgner to continue to run the meetup with a new perspective, new spirit and a new refreshing approach. This blog post summarizes critical learnings from the past 11 years of local tech meetup activities.


My alltime-high articles

A list of articles that i highly recommend to read, because they changed the way i think, speak and behave.


Run your Continuous Integration every day

How a daily Continuous Integration process run will detect your dependency failures early and keep your software buildable.