Andy Grunwald
Software Engineer and Engineering Manager.

I manage Site Reliability Engineers at Aiven, talk about Software Engineering in the Engineering Kiosk Podcast, and share knowledge via the Web Engineering Meetup Düsseldorf and the localhost conference.

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things i wrote about

Writing is an invaluable skill that needs to be trained like every other muscle. Writing forces you to think more about a topic, how to express this clearly and enable others to consume your thoughts asynchronously and at their speed. Check out my training progress and thoughts below.

Open Source Hardware

I can't wash my clothes without Open Source

On my newly bought washing machine, a sheet of paper about the used open source projects was attached. In this article we check what it is all about.

Engineering Lessons learned

your database connection deserves a name

Assigning a name to your database connection can lower your time to debug. We provide an overview of how to do this for various database systems and programming languages.


Web Engineering DUS Meetup: Recap of 2019

What happened in 2019? Let us look back together and celebrate this incredible year for the Web Engineering Düsseldorf Meetup.