Since some time I am fascinated by the go programing language launched by Google in 2009. I am a person with a scripting language background (PHP and Python) and was motivated to learn a new programing language.

I chose go(lang) because I wanted to do some system programming with concurrency support.

Because I share my love with my friends and colleagues, I am often asked How do I start with Go?, or Do you got some excellent resources to learn Go?. This article is about which resources I used to learn Go.

  1. The A Tour of Go is the best start. It provides an overview of the syntax and the features in a short way.
  2. The book Go in Action is a good recommendation to get some backgrounds, best practices, pitfalls and use-cases for language features. Even it is a MEAP this is worth to read.
  3. The guide for golang: Effective Go. It describes all features with backgrounds and examples.
  4. Read foreign go code of projects like docker, etcd or termius.

And of course: Next to this start your own Go project. I recommend to start with it after you finished the A Tour of Go and during reading Go in Action.

Some ideas for a project:

  • A small rest API (HTTP server)
  • A small chat client (sockets)
  • A small web/mailing list crawler (concurrency)

Further useful resources are:

And now: Have fun to learn a new programing language!

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