At Apr 19, 2013 i started TYPO3-Analytics to create a prototype or proof of concept to make my first steps in fields data mining / software repository mining, statistics and data visualisation.

At this time i got a big and deep knowledge of the TYPO3 ecosystem (code, people, tools, systems, processes, events, etc.) and the TYPO3 community manager ben van ’t ende motivated me to create some metrics ;) So the first project was TYPO3.

For a github repository you need a name. So i was in the situation to name my proof of concept. Due to the topics above and the missing flash of inspiration i chose the name TYPO3-Analytics. From my point of view this name does not fit any more for some reasons:

  1. The project aims to use public available information over centralized / standard ways (e.g. APIs). With this in mind it is possible to analyze various projects. Not only TYPO3. The prefix TYPO3 is not necessary and might be lead to confusion if e.g. Symfony2 will be analyzed.
  2. The complete project is much more than Analytics. It is about collect and receive data, produce new information and knowledge about this data with the usage of algoritms of data, web and text mining, visualize data and activity in various ways, motivate people to more open source works, say thank you by a wow effect of what a single person has achieved and much more.

This are only two reasons. But i think that this are two really good reasons to choose a new name for this baby. And this is the time where YOUR innovation comes in. We are looking for a new name with your help. Here are some keywords which might be related to this project:

  • data
  • open source
  • people
  • contributer
  • data / web / text mining
  • software repository mining
  • metrics
  • statistics
  • visualisation
  • wow
  • motivation
  • information
  • knowledge
  • community
  • results
  • numbers
  • Your keyword here …

I tried various startup name generators to get some ideas for a new, cool and fancy or usable and logical, name. But i was not successful. Maybe you got some ideas? EVERY idea is welcome. New keywords are welcome, too. Please post your idea in the comments or send a tweet to my account @andygrunwald.

The first idea came from Michael Oehlhof: TYPO3 CoMet - CoMet means Community Metrics. Not bad this idea. But the TYPO3 prefix is already there and Community metrics are a bit to general. Or what do you think? Your opinion is welcome too. But anyway. Thanks for this idea Michael!

Thanks for your help!

Update at 2014-03-05

Awesome! I received some name suggestions from different people. A big thanks to this!


Found a bug or a typo in this article? Feel free to create a pull request at TYPO3-Analytics is looking for a new name - suggestions welcome! at GitHub.